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Finding the beauty between the smooth and the gritty, the noisy and the tonal, the stuttering of a distorted electric signal and the hypnotic rhythms of a rock beat - this is the challenge that Aaron Reihs has set out on in developing his musical voice.  Through largely instrumental pieces weaving together electronic and acoustic production elements, Reihs composes ambient musical journeys that offer to immerse the listener into adventurous (and occasionally challenging) territory. Whether it's a soft, meditative and contemplative stroll inwards, or a stark, powerful and in-your-face arrangement of dark, distorted chord progressions and melting synth pads, Reihs's experiential music demands a visual component, whether supplied by the artist himself or through the listener's imagination.

Raised in the small Pacific Northwest town of Damascus, Oregon, Reihs grew up immersed in music lessons, making films with his friends and older sister, and performing in community musical productions. Eventually focusing on jazz music and studying under many notable mentors around the Portland area, Reihs moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to study jazz, composition, and game audio at USC's Thornton School of Music, where he quickly became involved in scoring student films and sound designing for game projects. After several years of working for various Hollywood film, TV, and video game music teams around Los Angeles, Reihs began his own artist project in 2021, starting with the release of his debut EP, CINEMA SUBCONSCIOUS - a 32-minute concept album combining elements of film music, electronica, downtempo, jazz, folk, and rock that explores the cycle of environmental destruction followed by a grand rebirth.


While their musical aesthetic draws from an eclectic roster of artists and filmmakers, Reihs's largest influences today include Tim Hecker,  Colin Stetson, Nils Frahm, Thom Yorke, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Lorn, Hania Rani, Anthony Tombling Jr. (aka CUTS), Abul Mogard, Hans Zimmer, Kaityln Aurelia Smith, Nadia Struiwigh, Moses Sumney, Miles Davis, and Woodkid. In addition to his album projects, Reihs continues to compose music for films, games and video content, as well as appear as a sideman supporting other various bands and artists.

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