Thanks for checking out my site.  My name is Aaron, and I’m a music producer, instrumentalist, and composer for films, TV, games, and other forms of interactive media, such as VR, art installations, and mobile apps.  I create music under my own name, as well as contribute as an instrumentalist and composer to other groups and collectives, such as the performing arts group, Sokamba.  While I spend most of my time these days at the MIDI keyboard and computer, the saxophone is my baby and my lifeline to what heavily drew me to music in the first place.


While spending much of my time contributing musical scores to a variety of short films and media projects, I’m excited to announce that I've also managed to put together a collection of very personal, original music, which has been released as an EP entitled, “Cinema Subconscious,” available on all streaming platforms via SoulfulXNature.  (Big shoutout to Coronavirus for giving me the unexpected time off needed to put this together.)


In addition to these musical endeavors, I also previously served as Audio Director for AppliedVR, a VR company set on pioneering the future of virtual reality therapeutics, where I specialized in music therapy research and techniques, sound design, and creating dynamic and interactive audio systems for patients using Wwise.


Having spent many years with my nose to the grindstone working to learn as much as I could about music theory, history, industry, etc., it took me a lot of time after my formal education had ended to retrace my steps and consider why I was even doing all this in the first place.  In this process of self-reflection and long, cyclical conversations with family and friends, my thoughts are that as we face an ever-complicating world in which many systemic, cultural, and environmental issues continue to persist and cannot be ignored any longer, my ultimate goal is to use art and music as a platform for aiding others in their journeys of self-actualization and social activism, hoping to inspire others to take a more active role in both their own lives and the complex world around them.  And maybe to occasionally write a dope-ass epic trailer music track.

I hope you enjoy the music you find on this site.


All the best,


Aaron Reihs